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How it works

Sign up in just a few clicks
Sign up in just a few clicks
Join our free trial today and get started in minutes.
Add users and channels
Add users and channels
Invite colleagues to the archiving service -- safely and remotely.
Archive all conversations
Archive all conversations
Capture and archive 100% of client conversations in one place, ensuring record-keeping compliance.

Features And Benefits

Native mobile experience

Enable Whatsapp, iMessage, or SMS apps on any corporate-owned or personal phone.

Capture and archive everything

Easily capture, process, and archive 1:1 and group chats - text, audio, files, stickers, emojis, metadata events - to be compliant with recordkeeping regulations.

Detect security threats in client conversations

Monitor and detect sensitive information sharing. Automatically scan viruses and malware in files.

Highly secure and reliable solution

Benefit from a modern, secure, and highly available cloud-based solution with encrypted data and strict data access.

Competitive pricing

Pay only for what you need. No minimum seats. Add users and messaging channels easily.

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What do I need to start using LeapXpert?

Each user needs a mobile device, a data plan, and a phone number used for communicating with clients. This number will be linked to the service to avoid archiving of personal conversations.

Who is most likely to benefit from LeapXpert?

LeapXpert is suitable for any regulated firm, especially those in the financial services, legal, public sector, and healthcare. There are packages available for small firms such as RIAs, hedge funds, venture capital and law firms, as well as for large entities such as investment banks, corporate banks, retail banks and public sector organizations.

How quickly can I get set up?

All small and medium businesses can get up and running in minutes. LeapXpert Knowledge Center gives IT admins all the information to set up channels, onboard users, archive and export client conversations while employees can learn how to enable archiving for their messaging apps, securely and easily. LeapXpert's customer success team is available to assist you.

I have specific requirements. What should I do?

Please contact sales to that we can understand your specific needs and find the best solution for you.

What messaging apps can I use?

WhatsApp is fully supported now. iMessage and SMS support is coming soon. Later this year you'll be able to add other messaging apps.

When I signed up, why was I not prompted to enter my credit card details?

You will be issued an invoice shortly which you can pay by credit card or other methods.

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