The LeapXpert Communications Platform

Unmatched governance and compliance. Superior user experience. 
A new world of Communication Intelligence. 

  • Empower each employee with a Single Professional Identity on a corporate or personal phone. Seamlessly connect with clients via messaging and voice channels, supported by unmatched, built-in compliance and governance. Tap into critical business data residing in these conversations for  actionable client insights, improved decision-making, and greater front-office employee productivity.

Simplify client communication across voice and messaging channels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The LeapXpert Communications Platform? 

    The LeapXpert Communications Platform is the leading enterprise solution for secure and compliant communications between employees and clients on consumer messaging applications and voice channels. The platform enables enterprises to meet regulatory compliance and strict governance policies through its comprehensive data recordkeeping and unrivaled data security and control capabilities. The platform is used by hundreds of thousands of users from tier 1 and smaller firms in financial services, legal, public sector and others.

  • How can I use the LeapXpert platform? 

    Employees can communicate with clients using either their corporate or personal phones. Meanwhile, clients can use voice or their preferred messaging app to reach out to their advisors. Every employee is provided a unique professional phone number for client communication: a primary line for corporate phones and a secondary line for personal phones. Communication with clients can occur natively or via third-party applications such as Leap Work, Microsoft Teams, Slack, spanning both voice and messaging channels. IT administrators have the ability to establish governance and security policies to oversee client communications for regulatory, governance, and communication reasons.

  • How can I deploy The LeapXpert Communications Platform?

    The platform can be deployed in the cloud as a SaaS or dedicated SaaS model where customers have their own tenant on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon AWS.