Federated Messaging

There is an ever-growing number of third-party messaging apps, and while there are a few that are the most common, every individual might have his/her own favorite. In an effort to improve the customer experience, companies want their customers to be able to communicate using the platform of their choice, but that can complicate things for employees. Rather than having to install and be active on each messaging platform, companies can use federated messaging to enable cross-platform communication.

What is Federated Messaging?

Federated messaging is a technological solution that creates a central communication platform that can be used to send and receive messages across different apps. This eliminates the need to download and install each individual messaging app as well as  having to manage conversations that take place in each app separately.


A federated messaging platform enables instant messaging to work like email does. In the same way that anyone can send or receive an email to or from another user regardless of what email system each party uses, federated messaging allows users to communicate seamlessly regardless of what platform they each choose.

The Benefits of Federated Messaging 

For companies that are required to capture and archive communications with clients, federated messaging can save them significant time and hassle in the following ways:


  • Centralization – It is much easier to monitor and track data that is all collected and stored in one place. Messages are less likely to fall through the cracks, and storing data in one standardized format and location also makes it easy to search and find relevant information when necessary.
  • Security – A federated messaging system can be integrated into a company’s existing system, using that system’s authentication and security protocols rather than relying on the security of each separate messaging app.
  • Enforcement – Because all communications will go through one system, enforcing company policies becomes simpler and straightforward. There is no need to track individual activity on multiple apps, and blanket rules can be applied across the board. 
  • Integration – The system can integrate with other business systems and tools and ensure that only relevant, business-related conversations are captured and saved.
  • Productivity – Employees will be able to save significant time that would otherwise be spent switching between apps and making sure they are keeping up with all client communications on different platforms. 

How LeapXpert Can Help

LeapXpert offers a federated architecture that integrates seamlessly with major business-critical applications. Users are able to use customers’ preferred channels all within one secure and unified environment. 


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