WeChat Communication Archiving

WeChat is one of the more popular third-party messaging apps. In order for company employees to be able to communicate with clients using WeChat, they need to be able to capture and archive business-related communications in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

There are two main ways that companies can archive WeChat communications – either manually on the device where the app is being used or by using an automated system.

How to Archive WeChat Communications Manually


In order to manually archive and store WeChat communications, users have to first download the WeChat app for desktop, which will allow them to sync the app from their phone to the computer.


Within the settings menu in the web client, there is a “backup and restore” option that the user can select. They can then choose whether to back up all chats or only specific ones. In this way, employees can choose to only archive business-related communications should they also be using their WeChat account for personal use. 

The Risks of Manual WeChat Communication Archiving 


The onus is on each individual user to go into the web app and set it up to archive messages and to make sure that they update their settings as new chats are added. This can be risky for a business which will be liable should an employee fail to do so or should messages accidentally be deleted before they are backed up. 

In addition, the messages are stored locally on the computer to which they are archived. If that system becomes corrupt or otherwise inaccessible, the data is lost. There is also the risk that a disgruntled employee will simply delete the data. 

How to Archive WeChat Communications Automatically 


A third-party automated solution can be connected to WeChat and automatically store chats that meet certain specifications. An administrator can set up rules that will let the solution know which chats should be archived based on laws and regulations. 

A solution like LeapXpert’s Communication Platform can automate the entire capturing and archiving process, ensuring that the company is always in full compliance even as regulations change. The data can be stored securely in the cloud so that it is accessible from anywhere or, for those that require additional control, an on-premise solution is also available. 

The Benefits of Automated WeChat Communication Archiving 


Using an automated solution provides the following benefits:

  • Chats are automatically archived and stored in the cloud, so there is no need to rely on individual employees to remember to manually store their communications.
  • All archived chats are fully searchable for easy access to specific conversations or topics.
  • Chats can be exported as PDFs for easy printing and sharing.
  • The archive is stored in the cloud or on the company’s server, and is not dependent on a local device. 

Failure to comply with data capturing and archiving regulations can result in major penalties and fines. Contact LeapXpert to ensure that your business is in full compliance and that all WeChat communications are saved and stored.