WeCom Archiving

WeCom is a business communication app popular in China and other Asian markets. It is less prevalent in the west and has faced severe negative feedback from users on the app stores for Google and the iPhone. Nevertheless, businesses continue to use it to communicate, especially with customers and business partners in Asia. Many companies must also archive WeCom conversations to comply with local and foreign recordkeeping regulations.

What Is WeCom Archiving?

WeCom archiving involves the capturing, storing, and preserving of conversations for future reference. Companies can do this manually by copying and pasting chat logs into a document, which is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. It also creates the possibility for persons to omit information intentionally. Consequently, smart companies rely on dedicated, automated services.

Do All Companies Need To Archive WeCom Chats?

Some companies face little to no obligations to archive their chats. For example, a ghostwriter creating eBooks for clients in the education field might not need to archive conversations. In contrast, American financial entities must comply with recordkeeping guidelines set by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and other governing bodies. Failure to do so could lead to expensive fines and other sanctions.

How Does WeCom Archiving Work?

A WeCom archiving service works by recording all incoming and outgoing messages and storing them in a secure, searchable database. Ideally, the process is entirely automatic and requires no input from users. Once stored, authorized persons can review messages using keywords or other criteria at any time.

What Are the Benefits of WeCom Archiving?

Compliance is the main reason companies engage in WeCom archiving. Other companies might want to ensure they have a record of business interactions to reduce the possibility of miscommunication, especially when communicating across national and cultural lines. Consider these additional benefits:

  • WeCom archiving can help companies meet their legal and regulatory obligations.
  • Automated WeCom archiving services are more efficient and accurate than manual archiving methods.
  • Archived messages can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  • Messages can be reviewed and retrieved at any time, from anywhere.
  • Companies reduce the risk of fraud and improve their ability to respond to investigations or litigation.
  • Archived chats can provide valuable data the company can use to improve product offerings and business operations.

What Are Some Challenges of WeCom Archiving?

WeCom archiving can present some challenges for companies, especially those unfamiliar with the process or lacking dedicated resources to manage it. Knowing the potential challenges most companies face puts managers in the best position to mitigate them. Consider the following:

  • Ensuring that all relevant messages are captured and archived
  • Reassuring customers that their data is secure
  • Reassuring workers that the company is not violating their privacy
  • Determining who should have access to archived data and why
  • Finding the right tech partner to provide comprehensive archiving solutions

What Are Some WeCom Archiving Best Practices?

The most successful companies take a proactive and strategic approach to WeCom archiving. They also implement the following best practices:

  • Define the company’s compliance requirements and review them regularly.
  • Identify which WeCom users should have their chats archived and set up dedicated accounts for them.
  • Configure user settings to ensure the capturing of all relevant data.
  • Test the archiving system regularly to ensure it is working correctly.
  • Invest in an automated archiving solution with a reputation for prioritizing data protection.

How Can You Find the Right WeCom Archiving Service?

There are several companies on the market offering archiving solutions. Some only work with specific apps, while others can only archive emails and SMS. Look closely at the product offerings to determine whether they meet your needs. If you use multiple communication channels for your business, prioritize options that cover all or more of them. This reduces the need to work with several vendors for the same service.

When looking for potential vendors, ask your colleagues. New workers might also have insights from the companies they worked at before. Complete an internet search to identify overlaps. Use the features you need to create your shortlist and reach out to the companies that best meet your needs.

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