Business communication that finally meets client and enterprise needs

Empower your employees and clients to communicate on consumer messaging and voice channels, without friction, while meeting compliance, governance and security needs.


  • Delight clients with efficient communication

    Provide employees with one single professional identity for all client interactions

  • Always be compliant, safe and in control

    Ensure regulatory compliance, information security, and governance requirements

  • Built for modern enterprise’s business needs

    Turn communication data into business insights while making them part of your business workflows

  • Communications

    • Single Professional Identity assigned to each corporate employee, subject to enterprise controls
    • Flexible way to compliantly communicate with clients – Governed Mode (third-party app) or Native Mode (native application / voice dialer)
    • Automated compliance risk management such as device unlink/link management, contact management, and client verification
    • Built-in information controls such as information barriers, data leakage prevention and antivirus/antimalware

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  • Integrations

    • Built-in connectors to archiving, surveillance and CRM systems
    • Native integration with Microsoft Teams, Slack and voice networks
    • Official API for consumer messaging integrations
    • Automated workflows like trade verification
  • Enterprise-grade

    • Modern, cloud-based architecture
    • Flexible user, client and channel management, from a single place
    • Built-in security including bring-your-own-key, Single Sign-On (SSO), rest/in-transit data encryption, and ISO 27001, GDPR and SOC 2 Type 1 compliance
    • Choice of deployment models (SaaS or dedicated deployments on any public cloud platform)
  • Communication intelligence

    • Communication analytics dashboards
    • Voice-to-text, summarization, authorship detection
    • Employee communications co-pilot
  • Customer services

    • Custom onboarding services
    • Professional services
    • Dedicated customer success
    • Custom training
    • 24×7 local support
  • Compliant voice calls and messaging on one platform

    Whether you use Leap Work, Microsoft Teams, Slack, native messaging or voice dialers, we got you covered.

  • Break communication silos, build bridges instead

    Integrate the LeapXpert’s platform with enterprise, collaboration,  archiving and surveillance systems and insert client communication data into your business workflows

  • Enterprise-grade platform built for the most complex needs

    Benefit from the scalability, security and advanced customization of The LeapXpert Communications Platform

  • Turn client conversations into business insights

    Analyze how users and clients communicate, what they say, and suggest the next message, product to sell, and many other  business applications

  • More than a platform. 
A communication partner

    Tap into our large deployment experience, skills, and global presence for a fast delivery and high-quality solution

“Business leaders…interested in enabling responsible, secure, and compliant communications…
should consider LeapXpert.”

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  • Public sector

  • Enterprise

Improve client communication while ensuring data governance, compliance, and security

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